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«The genuine support for our pioneering project is tangible»

Trapeze spin-off AMoTech is working hard to bring about major changes to how we get about in future. Their aim, working with local bus operator, Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen, and with the help of the Economic Promotion Team, is to integrate a driver-free bus into the local timetable – a move which has attracted attention from around the world and which is set to add to Schaffhausen’s track-record as a centre for innovation and advanced engineering.


Once upon a time, the huge buildings on the SIG site which tower above the Rhine Falls were dedicated to the production of rolling stock. Fast-forward to today and you’ll find a small, slightly futuristic-looking bus gliding around the scene. And shortly, the new arrival will begin service as «Line 12» and be fully integrated into the timetables of local bus operator Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen (VBSH), carrying passengers but without a driver. The impetus behind this innovation comes from AmoTech, led by Dominique Müller. The company was founded in April 2017 as a spin-off of Trapeze, an international business developing transport guidance and management systems for the domestic and export markets and which had set up its European HQ in Neuhausen am Rheinfall. The vision of an autonomous bus driving through the streets of Schaffhausen came from Trapeze CEO Peter Schneck. And from their observatory high above the Rhine Falls, staff are convinced they are working on the transport of the future. «We don’t know when driverless buses will become a reality but we know it will happen», Müller explains.


Enjoying the freedom of being a start-up

Müller and his team are working to ensure that, over the next decades, driverless buses stop being a rarity on our streets and become fully mainstream. To move things on, Trapeze has bought a driverless bus from French manufacturer Navya. «As a spin-off of Trapeze we’re a small, focussed outfit and can be very agile and efficient – enjoying all the benefits of being a start-up», Müller sets out.

At present, the company has two main areas of activity. On the one hand, they are advising local bus operators on how to implement their own driverless-transport projects. Here they have already found a second customer, based in Germany, which is keen to launch driverless buses, a move which complements the company’s work with Schaffhausen transport operator VBSH.

The second principal activity is the integration of driverless buses into the existing transport management systems of public transport operators. The experience the team is gaining with VBSH in Schaffhausen will help the company to support transport networks around the world as they seek to implement driverless buses. «Today, we are working on the transport of the future – and we’re supporting transport operators as they make the move into driverless operations», Müller underlines. The «Line 12» project is set to form the nucleus of a Transport Lab which will attract further partners engaged in intelligent transport solutions to the locality around the Rhine Falls.


«You benefit from easy access to the decision-makers in local government here and the genuine support for our pioneering project is tangible on a daily basis.»

Dominique Müller, CEO AMoTech


Easy access to decision-makers and comprehensive support

Müller is also convinced Schaffhausen is absolutely the right place for this to happen. «You benefit from easy access to the decision-makers in local government here and the genuine support for our pioneering project is tangible on a daily basis», he maintains. In addition to highlighting the can-do approach of the local government, he also highlights the comprehensive support available from the Economic Promotion Team. «They have opened doors for us and they have also removed potential stumbling blocks for our project, in some cases even before we’d recognised there might be an issue», Müller comments enthusiastically.


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