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Schaffhausen parliament approves implementation of tax reform

With a massive majority, the parliament of the canton of Schaffhausen approved the implementation of the tax reform and AHV financing (TRAF). Thanks to an internationally competitive corporate tax rate of 12 to 12.5 percent for all companies Schaffhausen will continue to be an attractive location in the future.


In May of this year, the Swiss electorate approved the tax reform and AHV financing (STAF). Only six weeks after the national vote, the parliament of the canton of Schaffhausen took a quick decision and approved the cantonal implementation with a massive majority of more than 80 percent. This means that corporate taxes will be reduced step by step from today's 16 to 12 to 12.5 percent for all companies, making Schaffhausen an attractive economic region for national and international companies in the future as well. With additional instruments for innovative and technology-oriented companies, it also creates the best conditions for the future development of Schaffhausen as a business location.


In addition to the tax measures, further improvements are planned in the area of daycare structures to reconcile work and family life. This will make it easier for companies to recruit qualified employees and contribute to increasing the attractiveness of the Schaffhausen area.



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