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Schaffhausen-based Start-up launches first HR Chatbot on the market

The Schaffhausen-based start-up Rhyno Solutions has developed a chat bot for the recruiting specialist HR Campus. The program called Sophie is designed to make HR processes more efficient and is the first HR chatbot in Switzerland.


Chatbots are regarded as successors to the apps and are applications that can simulate autonomous interactions with people. Basically, the user of the chatbot has a virtual conversation with a robot that performs certain tasks for him or answers his questions. The Schaffhausen-based start-up Rhyno Solutions has now created such a chatbot for the Swiss HR specialist HR Campus. Sophie, the name of the chatbot, helps the employee throughout the entire employee lifecycle with numerous functions and processes. For example, the messaging service can be used to record working hours, or an applicant can be tested for qualifications using specific questions before the actual interview. "With Sophie, every employee has their own digital assistant," writes HR Campus.


In this way, numerous processes in the HR sector can be digitized and simplified. And Sophie helps to make processes in HR departments more efficient and time-saving. In addition, the chatbot is available to users around the clock, regardless of location or time.


Chatbots are currently on the advance. More than 300,000 chatbots are already being used on Facebook alone, and in the next 24 months chatbots will be able to cover almost the entire bandwidth of customer communication, says Rhyno Solutions founder Fabrice Bircher. Recently, his small business, which specializes in chatbots, cloud solutions and SAP software, has even been included in Google's start-up program.



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