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Schaffhausen heralds the future of public transport

Trapeze, the innovative and leading provider of complete solutions for public passenger transport, and the public transport authority of Schaffhausen (Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen, VBSH) are joining forces to integrate a self-driving bus in a public transport operations control system in Neuhausen am Rheinfall – the first location in Switzerland. In the next few weeks, a trial route is to be travelled by the bus, which later on is to link the town centre with the Rhine Falls – Europe’s biggest waterfall.

Self-driving vehicles are the future of mobility. And this future is to become reality in Schaffhausen. At its European headquarters in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Trapeze has recently tested the integration of an autonomous bus into a public transport system. In a first phase the bus drives on a closed test track on the SIG area above the Rhine Falls. Subsequently, the bus will take visitors from the Neuhausen centre down to the Rhine Falls and back – ultimately without any driver steering the bus. At a later stage the bus will operate completely guideless. If the bus approaches unexpected obstacles or pedestrians, it will automatically stops itself. The response time of such buses is shorter than a human’s thanks to advanced technology.

Together with VBSH, Trapeze is the first company to integrate an autonomous bus in an operations control system for fixed route transport services. This enables autonomous mobility to be directly linked with public transport services – a potential “first/last mile” concept that is globally unique in the field of public transport.

To promote the development of autonomous mobility the company has launched an independent start-up: AMoTech GmbH – Autonomous Mobility Technology with headquarters in Neuhausen, Switzerland, is supporting and advising public transport companies in their projects involving autonomous vehicles. This has given rise to the development of a centre of competence for autonomous mobility in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, which stands to attract numerous additional players engaged in this field and thus to further promote the technology.

“This is a great opportunity for Schaffhausen, where we  look back on a long tradition in the field of mobility,” says the official delegate for economic promotion Christoph Schärrer. “The Mobility Lab is developing – and in particular implementing – new technologies for smart mobility and autonomous driving. This is unique throughout the world,” says Schärrer. This also applies to the economic strategy of the canton, which is aimed at promoting promising future technologies and businesses with an industrial background. According to Christoph Schärrer, this is also an excellent example of the entrepreneurial spirit prevailing in the Schaffhausen region.




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